Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas gift: Eonlab fuses

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This year I have been a very good boy. So Mr Santa Claus came early with a special gift. The gift came all the way from Indonesia. 

I am referring to the Eonlab mini ANL fuse and the Ato fuse for car audio uses. I've always fascinated with the fact that there are plenty of premium graded fuses for home audio and relatively none for car audio application. At one stage, me and my friends were so eager to want to try the home audio silver fuse inside a car........

When my Indonesia friend Jasin introduced me Eonlab fuses, I was a little bit hesitated and skeptical..... One of the reasons being there are simply too many snake oil products flooding the audio market and preying on enthusiasts. The other is a somewhat stiff price for the fuse and being a careless and reckless soul, I have a high tendency of deep frying my fuses........

Jasin took the time to educate me about this Eonlab fuses. From the outer appearance, it looks pretty much like the ordinary fuse.... No 24K Gold plated or platinum plated terminals, no fancy casing. In fact, it looks like a normal fuse wrapped in a black heat shrink. It is the sciences, the technologies, and the passion that make these fuses stand up. Real beauty lies within. 

According to Jasin the fuses are chemically treated. From the information I gathered, it is a different process from the famous cryogenic treatment. It brings about molecular structural changes to the conducting material and makes the electrical flow better. 

The housing of the fuse is dampened to reduce vibrations caused by the engine and the road condition. Special materials have been used to filter out the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The fuse material is then soaked with Beewax.... Hmmmm reminded me of Jupiter Copper Foil & Wax capacitors. The believe of beewax making the sound sweeter and smoother. 

So much so for the technicality behind the Eonlab fuses..... Actually I am pretty much clueless as any layman. Upon receiving the two fuses, I flashily replaced my Audison mini ANL fuses to my car ampifier and the factory stock ATO fuse to the head unit.  Now the moment of truth...... 

"Wow.... these sh*t does work......" That is my first impression! Basically I felt more energy, more lively, cleaner vocal and more spacious.... Being highly skeptical, I told myself, it might well be the psychological effects and probably the Emperor's New Groove mentality. Let's give it a run for a week or so before some serious audition of the very same system that I have listened for years. 

I first put in Simone Kopmajer's Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You.... I was instantly carried away by how quiet is the background. The background was darker, giving the music better space and smoothness. The energy from the piano notes were just right. Simone's voice was forever seductive. The details of her breath, the air, the sound of her lips and saliva, you would hear as if she was singing in front of you at the center stage. With the Eonlab fuses, the image is much more vivid.....

I always love to show cast a system with the Beauty and the Beast Original Sound Track. This is quite a musical masterpiece. The track "Belle"; Paige O'hara singing was so light, fluid, and lively... The dynamic and the energy of the piece were simply astounding. One would be immersed into a grand and huge soundstage that is ethereal and a standing ovation experience. There is much more soul and feeling as well as sweetness in the track "Something There". What the Eonlab fuses delivered, is you can hear more into the music and the artistry of the musicians that can mean the essence of the music intended. 

No audition is complete for me without Michael Jackson, The King of Pop. I particularly love this track "They Don't Really Care About Us". The Salvador's beats of drums just blew me away.... The details of the midbass and the sub were stunning. I was enjoying a cleaner and clearer definition, delineation and tauter bass with much improved transient. Michael's vocal stood up effortlessly despite a complex musical background of reggae style percussion, clapping, crowd's shouting and even police scanner.....

Regarding the Eonlab fuses, it is all about the smoother presentation of the music with more details. All the high, the mid and the low extensions are there but never overwhelming. Everything seems so natural and easy flowing. Nothing is coloured and everything is most faithful to the source that my ears can tell.  This is truly different and a quantum leap in performance over ordinary fuses. Once you have experienced a new benchmark in high-end reproduction, there is practically no turning back.... So Beware.......

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Audio Head Lounge

Audio Head Lounge or AHL

Audio Head Lounge is a diverse group of audio enthusiasts. It is an elite group of music connoisseurs who have invested extensively in both hardwares and softwares that represent the very best in audio world. In a relentless search of achieving perfect high fidelity sound reproduction in mobile and home system.

The group consists of qualified electronic technicians, qualified and certified car audio and accessories specialists, lecturer in the field of Electronics and Electrical, qualified IASCA and EMMA judges and IASCA and EMMA champions...... there are also daredevil diyers and audio lunatics and philosophers.